May 16, 2012


Well it has been an interesting year on lots of fronts...

My husband and I are both out of work at the moment, which is somewhat strange. Apart from the obvious, having another person in your 'routine' can be a challenging time! I have to take a big chill pill at the moment and remember to go with the flow Joe! My daughter Poppy is loving it though, "I like it that you work from home now Daddy!".....

So "little luv" has been getting a whole lot more love, which I am loving! Even with a little budget, I am still finding it impossible to stay away from my favourite op shops.

Today's find? This beautiful little beauty, I think I will call her Hope.

In case you are wondering about my little collaborative project called "wanderings" - sneaky peakys will be popping up over the next couple of weeks, and then on show at my Winter "Pop the Card Table" on the verandah on 2 June. Stay tuned.

It's time to have some FUN!

Nonite x

April 24, 2012

Lest We Forget

I always think of my dear grandparents on Anzac Day.

I was very lucky to have all four when I was still in my late 20's. Pop (Dad's dad) was in the war - I believe as a tailor which was his trade.

Time to stop talking about it... I "will" start writing down our family history - starting on Monday which is my daughter's 4th birthday when mum and dad will be down from the country.

Yesterday I went op shopping, one of my absolute pet loves. I love the fact that I am also giving to charity when I am shopping for treasures.

I found this beautiful vintage frame with the picture of this sweet girl still inside. I opened the frame this morning, and the only thing on the back was "November 1943". Who is she?

She is such a little luv.

My other pet love is photography. I love the old days of film, I wonder what sort of camera was used to take this beautiful photo?

So many questions... Where are the answers?

Have a wonderful day, and lets start asking as many questions as four year old children do!!! We must keep these memories alive for other little luvs.

Mardi x

April 16, 2012

Riding around on my push bike honey

I've had a few customers ask me recently about a little bike sitting in my front yard. Is he for sale?

I then had a friend ask if she could please photograph my vintage bikes as part of her photographic studies.

Got me thinking, I think I have a bike problem!

It started with this little red and yellow trike. I have had her for about 20 years. For once I can't even remember where I got her, which is unusual for me! Usually when I buy vintage goodies, I can always recollect where they came from.

Who doesn't like bikes - especially ones that have been around the block more than a few times!

Nonite x

March 24, 2012

The Farm

I'm still struggling with writing a blog - funny one.

We had a lovely day today. We were supposed to go up to The Clare and stay the night in Tub (our vintage 70's caravan) or tincan as my husband lovingly calls it....

It was drizzly and cold and we were all tired and grumpy so we canned the idea and stayed home instead.

We ended up in the Adelaide Hills, munching on pizza and trawling through the antique shops, love!

My daughter tonight was still a bit grizzly and asked me to tell her a story - it actually shocked me when I thought about it - it is the first time I have told her a "story" - not read from a book.

I told her about "Nanny" and how she grew up on a farm. Nanny rode her horse to school - that got a huge laugh! Nanny used to drive the tractor - another laugh. Nanny has two dogs - oh how lucky was Nanny!

I got a bit teary when I left the room, remembering my own "Nanny and Pop" (Mum's mum and dad) and the beautiful memories I hold close of my holiday adventures on their farm in the Clare Valley. Such special memories. Has made me really think.... I must talk to mum NOW about more of her memories, so I can tell Poppy more wonderful stories....

And if you are wondering about the pic? It is a swan that used to sit in the garden at the farm. Now proudly by the back door of my brother's shack!

Nonite xx

March 7, 2012

Famous Friends

I was very excited this arvo.

An old friend messaged me and asked if I would do a special custom order for her. A little luv birdy mobile. Sure I said.

She said her friends have had a baby. Sure I said.

She told me who it was for. Sure I said.

Then I stopped. Oh dear - they are famous!

Silly how we go into melt down mode when doing something for someone who is "famous"! It's crazy really, they are just like anyone else. A gorgeous couple with a beautiful new baby.

Better get out the old Janome. I'm excited - and nervous!

Nonite xx

February 24, 2012

Picture Wonderland

I must admit I am finding this blogging thing a bit hard!

I know there are others out there too who are having a bit of blogging block, what it is all about? I've decided to blog about stuff, not just little luv stuff but stuff. Oh stuff it I said!

Anyway, tonight I just thought I would write a little bit about some things that keep popping into my head this week.

I had a lovely visit from a new friend of mine this arvo, who has travelled extensively in the past. I have a bit too, and love hearing travel stories! It is amazing how your mind suddenly wanders, and you think about past trips, past loves...

I love travel. Full stop. I love everything about it. I love experiencing the new. Tasting the new. Smelling the new. Seeing the new. Immersing myself in the new. Sometimes travel is bloody hard work, but that makes it so incredible.

Many people don't know that I have had a book published. It was many moons ago now, and was in conjunction with a photographer friend who lives in London. I worked in the Australian wine industry at the time, and it is a coffee-table book of a collection of his photos.

I love photography. Full stop. Oh yes. It has really hit me recently that I really love it. Love taking pics. Love seeing other people's pics, especially people I know personally. I would have loved those 'slide nights' that were popular in the 70's! The perfect guest!

Here is a little collection of pics I found tonight in my own personal album. Watch this space. A project is brewing - and I'm feeling excited...!

January 23, 2012


Blogging is an interesting thing. Not sure yet if I love it or not, think it will grow on me. I will keep at it, just hope what I write doesn't get too boring!

I polished up my recently purchased little dragster, Chasin Rainbows on Saturday morning. My little girl was at her grandparents in the Barossa Valley for a holiday and hubby was making tomato relish - as you do....

I sat out on the lawn scrubbing and rubbing like an excited five year old with their first bike. I felt like a kid again, I love that feeling. The freedom.


Little luv gives me the creative outlet I have yearned for so long. It really took having my own little luv (who was a 5 year miracle in the making) to kick start me into giving it all a go.

What do I love about little luv? That I put my memories into the making. I love it when a customer tells me they "grew up with those curtains", or "slept on those sheets". To use these beautiful vintage fabrics, giving them life again in little creations, gives me great joy. That is why I do it.

Thanks for listening! x