May 16, 2012


Well it has been an interesting year on lots of fronts...

My husband and I are both out of work at the moment, which is somewhat strange. Apart from the obvious, having another person in your 'routine' can be a challenging time! I have to take a big chill pill at the moment and remember to go with the flow Joe! My daughter Poppy is loving it though, "I like it that you work from home now Daddy!".....

So "little luv" has been getting a whole lot more love, which I am loving! Even with a little budget, I am still finding it impossible to stay away from my favourite op shops.

Today's find? This beautiful little beauty, I think I will call her Hope.

In case you are wondering about my little collaborative project called "wanderings" - sneaky peakys will be popping up over the next couple of weeks, and then on show at my Winter "Pop the Card Table" on the verandah on 2 June. Stay tuned.

It's time to have some FUN!

Nonite x

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